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About Us

A lot of people like to tease us, because design is hard work. However the more you develop rigorous know-how the project becomes effortless. We believe the construction industry is vital to the local economy and the goal is to produce projects that are good investments and create jobs. Sustainability is vital to our future. 

Carol Fisher

Carol Fisher, president, EIT

I have been practicing design at various scales for more than twenty years, and I have participated hands-on in construction since starting effortlessdesign, inc.  Much of my interest revolves around the ability of design to improve construction of various types. Often today construction proceeds without planning and design, and the result is generally a poor investment with missed opportunity that does not hold up overtime. In contrast the nineteenth century buildings around us were built by master builders understanding plan books with experienced craftsmen. Today the plan books have been replaced by a design education that can synthesize more systems and requirements, and this is what every property owner should want when undertaking a construction project. The basis of the process is engaged collaboration with the owners' needs and wishes, combined with creative curiosity. This is the motivation of my work.

While practicing design at the community-level, we work with institutions and organizations to strengthen the community and bring about new projects.  These include:

Boston Architectural College - Presently serving on the Practice Faculty. We have hired interns, taught workshops and curated exhibits Shelter & Beyond and Spirit Matters at the BAC. 

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA - Charter member of the  Southeastern Massachusetts Council on Sustainability and collaborator with Office of Campus and Community Sustainability. BPI Field Test Proctor.

South End Business Association - Board member since 2007 working with other New Bedford small business owners to network, buy local, and physically improve the South End business district.

Theosophical Society in Boston - A place to meditate on group work including serving on the board for six years. Provided renovations to meditation hall and insulating attic with recycled material. see photos

Our Future

We have worked to expand our knowledge-base during the recession. We are interested in hearing about your project and being considered for the design/build of light-construction projects. Add us to your design/construction team. 

effortlessdesign, inc operates the Center Cafe at 466 Brock Avenue, New Bedford, MA where we test out and practice the many principles that influence our work. See and like us on Facebook.

We continue to partner with Thompson-Farland, Inc in New Bedford, and long-time associate LeBrasseur Engineering. Also see list of contractors we work with. Carol Fisher has a EIT (engineer in training) Certification, Construction Supervisor License and Home Improvement Contractor (CSL#106254 & HIC#156738), and has completed EPA Repair, Renovation, and Painting Training. She also has Building Analyst and Air Sealing certifications from Building Performance Institute. She has completed degrees in Architecture (BAC '01) and Engineering (BU '84).

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